Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bubble Refusing to Burst

With each hand, the tension heightens and an extra bead of sweat drops from the brow of the short-stacks. However, with 35 remaining, we're still shadowed by the loom of the bubble as we wait for that elusive player to drop.

Although there have been no monster pots, there have been a few hands that have held up the action. In one hand,Pavel Novak raised from the small blind and Merianda F├╝llenbach called in the big, before Novak continue bet a 2h-9h-Ts flop. "I'm on a draw," confessed an honest F├╝llenbach, the German eventually folding Ks-Qs after a long dwell and being shown 9d-8d for her troubles.

As a result of that win, Novak now has around 180,000 in chips and looking certain to cash.


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