Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The End In Pictures...

Ville Salmi Wins Betsson Estoril Live II!!! (€100,000)

So congratulations to the Finn, Ville Salmi who takes home the first place prize of €100,000 as well as the trophy and title. Salmi played incredibly well throughout the final table, relentlessly aggressive and busting many of the finalists. For this, he takes home his biggest ever live tournament score, a full six-figures in €'s having beaten 270 other contenders to the throne.

We'd just like to thank all the staff at Casino Estoril for making us so welcome, as well as all the dealers and floor people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

We would also like to congratulate all our finalists who battled well in a superbly structured tournament that allowed all the freedom to pursue whatever type of style they wished to play, thanks to the deep structure and many blind levels.

Interviews and photographs will follow soon, but from Djinn and me for now, you can stick a fork in us! We're done!

Teemu Kangasvieri Eliminated In 2nd Place (€60,000)

The first hand of heads-up saw the two players immediately get their chips all-in, more than a slight suspicion of a deal having been made in the short break before the heads-up.

Kangasvieri: Q♦ 9♠
Salmi: 9♥ 9♣

The board came 5♠ J♥ 2♠ 7♦ 4♥ and Teemu Kangasvieri was unable to hit that elusive queen with which he might have secured the title. Instead, the Finn has to be content with the runner-up spot and (officially) taking home €60,000.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

4th Place Finisher Alexander Lang

Having satellited in to the tournament, a quality finish and a nice payday for Alexander Lang must be encouraging for his poker overall. He also is the longest-lasting Betsson-wearing participant in this year's event, qualifying him for free entry next year, so this is probably not the last we'll be seeing of the hat and small wooden elephant mascot...

Chip Counts:

Ville Salmi -- 2,538,000
Teemu Kangasvieri -- 1,496,000

Pedro Demeyere Eliminated in 3rd Place (€40,000)

The final remaining Portuguese player in the tournament has been eliminated in 3rd position after a valiant battle against the two Finns. His totally calm demeanor at all times showed his relative experience and lack of tension as the final progressed, although he did seem genuinely happy to have made it this deep. Plus, he got it in racing for a stack which could really have tackled leader Salmi, too:

Ville Salmi folded on the button, and Teemu Kangasvieri took his turn to shove pre on the small blind. This time, however, Demeyere quickly made the call.

Demeyere: 6♣ 6♠
Kangasvieri: A♠ 8♠

Flop: T♥ 7♥ J♦ No shocks there for Demeyere's supporters...
Turn: 3&spades
River: 9♦ Kangasvieri's Finnish rail immediately spot that an Eight now makes a straight and there's a little explosion of cheering for the young player who now has to play heads up for the trophy. Demeyere looks understandably a little disappointed, but has €40k and a very respectable third place to cheer him up.

Finns Continues To Spar

Teemu Kangasvieri makes it 105,000 from the button and Ville Salmi decides to just flat-call.

They check the Q♠ T♠ T♦ J♦ 2♥ board to the river and show A-6 and A-5 respectively to check the pot.

"Yeah, that was soft play!" jokes Teemu.

Soon after Salmi raises to 111,000 from the small blind and Kangasvieri defended. They checked a K-J-4 flop but then Salmi bet 123,000 on the 4 turn to take it down.

Salmi-les in Front

The up-and-down run of Ville Salmi is on the upswing once again. Just now he called a button raise from Teemu Kangasvieri to 105k, seseing a flop of 9♦ T♠ 9♣. Both players checked.

The turn was the T♦. Now Kangasvieri bet 75k when it was checked to him. Salmi called.

The river came the 3♣. Check once more to Kangasvieri, who counted out 200k and bet it. A brief think, but a call with A-3 from Salmi, who'd leaped in front of Kangasvieri's 5♦ 5♥ on the turn he'd seen for free... His Ace kicker played with the Nines and Tens to scoop him yet another juicy pot.

Roughly he has 2,500,000 now, more than half the chips in play.

Demeyere In Trouble

Once again Pedro Demeyere has dropped below the 700,000 mark. He'll need to double up soon if he's to prevent an all-Finnish heads-up meeting.

A Bonus From Betsson...

Several trips have been organised for players while they were here for Betsson Estoril Live. One of these was a wine-tasting trip, which can be viewed below...

Demeyere's Poker Car Has 7th Gear

And it's the one that says, "All in," when you press the pedal, or any indicator, or turn the defogger on.

In spite of paying off Ville Salmi on the turn and river when he bet his pair of Kings on a K-8-6-Q-A board a moment ago, Pedro Demeyere has regained what he lost through moves which he can't be re-raised off.

It passed round to Demeyere on the small blind two hands ago, and he simply moved all-in for around 800k. Only two options now for big blind Salmi, call or pass, and he chose pass.

The very next hand Salmi raised on the button to 100k. Kangasvieri passed in the small blind, but big blind Demeyere moved all in again. A pained look, but another fold.

Chips, and Who's Stacking Them High

Ville Salmi - 1,841,000
Teemu Kangasvieri - 1,370,000
Pedro Demeyere - 853,000

Teemu Takes A Chunk

Pedro Demeyere raises on the button and Kangasvieri calls from the big blind.

Both check the K♣ 9♥ T♦ flop before Kangasvieri fires 135,000 on the T♠ turn and 200,000 on the 4♦ river.

Demeyere calls both these bets but mucks when he sees Kangasvieri's T♥ 7♥

Ville Salmi Up To Old Tricks

Unfazed by his recent power-poker type bad results, Ville Salmi (who said right from the start he was going to win this one) is showing no fear in the face of having lost the chip lead. Just now he raised on the button to 83k, Demeyere style, and then waited while Teemu Kangasvieri slowly counted out 235k, and bet it.

Now for one of the longest dwells of the final table so far. Salmi did some staring, some looking at chips, some forehead-creasing thinking, then suddenly, as people's attention started to wander, announced, "All in." Kangasvieri gave one of those resigned, "Oh, here we go again," type smiles. They had a brief conversation in Finnish, then Kangasvieri shook his head and folded.

Salmi showed him K♦ 8♥ and there followed another Finnish conversation where it became apparent that Kangasvieri had folded A-5.

Chip Merry-Go-Round

Pedro Demeyere makes it 88,000 from the button and Teemu Kangasvieri calls from the big blind. Both check the K♣ K♥ 3♦ flop before the Finn fires out 125,000 on the J♥ turn. Demeyere folds, albeit reluctantly...

Ville Salmi raises to 91,000 from the button but folds when Kangasvieri reraises to 240,000 in the small blind.

Salmi raises to 91,000 in the small blind and Kangasvieri calls.

The flop comes K♥ 6♣ T♥ and Salmi check-calls a bet of 130,000 before the J♦ turn and J♥ river go check-check. Salmi shows the less-than-stellar 6♦ 2♦ but it's enough to scoop the pot.

Finland vs. Norway - Air Hockey Challenge

If the tension of the final table is getting to you, like it's getting to us - here's a bit of entertaining competition at the equally skilled game of air-hockey... Lodden vs. Dudeson - who will take the glory?

Demeyere Domination

According to our secret sources (OK Portuguese blogger dinner pals) Pedro Demeyere is an unflappable character who's been a pro for 2 years and specialises in 6-max STTs. He apparently was just waiting for it to get 6-handed or less to unleash his skills - and that does seem to be the case. Demeyere has opened up considerably (easier now he's chip leader, of course) and while losing 100k to Kangasvieri and Salmi both in small pots which ended on the flop, he got it all back like this:

Demeyere raised to his odd but consistent 83k on the button (blinds 15k/30k now). Small blind Ville Salmi slowly counted out more, and raised to 222k. Back to Demeyere, who thought for just a minute, before announcing, "All in." Salmi is now in no position to be calling Demeyere's all-ins with plenty of chips to spare, and tanked for a minute or so before giving the pot up.

New Mayor in Town

Pedro 'The Mayor' Demeyer (according to his shirt) is going to be a new force on the table, chipwise, having just received a huge double up courtesy of leader Ville Salmi.

Demeyer called Salmi's button raise and checked the 7♥ K♦ K♣ flop. Salmi counted out 101k exactly and bet it. Demeyer called.

The turn: 2♦ Check to Salmi again. Salmi asked for a count on Demeyer (approx 640k), and had the pot spread. Whatever calculations he was doing, it resulted in a move all in! Demeyer instacalled.

Demeyer: K♠ J♣
Salmi: 7♦ 4♥

Drawing dead, the 6 river was irrelevant to Salmi, who had to pay off a huge chunk of change, boosting Demeyer up over the 1.6 million mark.

Ville Squeezes Them Out

Teemu Kangasvieri raised to 85,000 from the button with Pedro Demeyere calling after much thought. Ville Salmi then reraised to 285,000 and the other two folded quicker than an origami expert.

Blinds Up!

We're now playing 15,000/30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Rough counts:

Salmi -- 2,000,000
Kangasvieri -- 1,000,000
Demeyere -- 1,000,000

Demeyere Doubles Up

Ville Salmi raised preflop to 51,000 and Pedro Demeyere reraised all-in for about 400,000. Salmi called and turned over A♥ T♠ wincing as Demeyere showed A♣ J♣.

The board came a topsy-turvy K♠ 3♠ 3♥ T♥ Q♥.

"VAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOSSSS!" shouted the rail as two or three old men jiggled about like excited five year-olds.

Alexander Lang Eliminated in 4th Place (€31,000)

With the table still getting used to being four-handed, it quickly went down to three-handed as Alexander Lang moved all in preflop over a Ville Salmi button raise to 51k. Upon finding out that his opponent had 150k to call, Salmi gave him a spin with K♠ 6♦.

Lang held A♥ Q♣ ...

It was looking good on the flop (9-4-5)...turn (2) but the river brought the deadly K♣ sending Lang to the rail.

He can't be too disappointed, however, having qualified for this event over 2 and a half months' worth of leagues, with a live final here - this payday represents the biggest achievent of his live poker life, and he's in fine spirits on the rail considering his suckout. PLUS - since he's the last player in the tournament to be wearing Betsson clothing - he gets next year's entry to Betsson LIVE for free!

Ola Brandborn Busts in 5th Place (€24,000)

With a stack teetering on the short now, Ola Brandborn flat called another Ville Salmi raise to 50k on the button. On the flop of 6♥ 2♦ K♠ Salmi bet out 57k, only to find Brandborn quickly shoving - another 250k at most.

Salmi called fairly fast, with top pair: K♦ T&spades. Brandborn was in trouble with 5♦ 6♦ and stayed behind as the turn and river came T♥ 8♠

Down to four players, all of a sudden!

Salmi Beats Up Brandborn

Two hands in a row has caused Ola Brandborn to lose more than half his stack in just a few minutes.

First, Ville Salmi made it 55,000 from the button, getting called by Lang and Brandborn.

All three checked the T♥ A♦ 4♠ flop before it was checked to Salmi on the 7♥ turn. He bet just 52,000 and Lang folded but Brandborn quickly raised to 160,000. Salmi thought for a moment before calling then both players checked the 9♥ river.

Brandborn showed Q♦ J♦, losing out to his opponent's A♥ 2♦

Then the next hand saw Salmi raise again with Brandborn and Kangasvieri calling.

Brandborn led out for 85,000 on the J♥ 8♦ 3♥ board, Kangasvieri folded and Salmi called. Both players checked the 2♠ turn before Brandborn quickly fired 100,000 on the 5♥ river. Salmi thought for a minute or two before moving all-in. Brandborn quickly folded, Salmi showed T♠ 9♠ for a missed straight draw.

Salmi has a big chip lead now.

Lang-uishing in Splitsville

...When he thought he was on the train to Doubletown!

Alexander Lang just found a good spot to double, having raised preflop to 65k utg and received a call from big blind Ville Salmi. He'd asked for a count before calling, but appeared satisfied with just a rough glance.

On the 7♥ 9♥ 6♠ flop, Salmi checked, and Lang immediately moved all in. He now asked for a proper accurate countdown of his opponent's stack - it was 231k. "Call," he said, flipping 2♦ 2♠ which were in bad shape against Lang's 5♣ 5&spades.

River... 5♦! Far from wanting to hit a third Five, Lang now had to split the pot with Salmi.

Rever-Salmi of Fortune

Ville Salmi has suffered a couple of setbacks, stackwise, in the post dinner period. Maybe it was the lovely rich fish and risotto dinner which has given him that common poker-player complaint of drowsiness, or maybe he has just underestimated his opponents' tenacity...

First off, he got one preflop raise through with no call, but the second time Teemu Kangasvieri made the call out of the blinds. Both players checked the 7♥ 8♥ J♥ flop. On the 3♠ turn, Kangasvieri bet out 65k and was called by Salmi.

The river was the 2♠ Now Kangasvieri checked, and Salmi counted out a laborious 81k bet. Back to Kangasvieri who finally came to the decision to call with his 9♣ 9♦. It was good - Salmi could only table Ace-high - the A♥ had been the nut flush draw on the flop but was good no more. About this - Salmi said he'd made, "An expensive mistake."

Ville Mattila Eliminated In 6th Place (€18,000)

It was passed to Ville Mattila on the button who moved all-in for his last 150,000 or so. Teemu Kangasvieri called in the small blind, Pedro Demeyere folded in the big.

Mattila looked very disappointed when his J♠ 9♣ was dominated by Kangasvieri's K♥ 9♦.

The board came 5♥ 9♠ 6♦ 9♥ 2♦ and Kangasvieri's bigger kicker played, one Finn 'finnishing' off another.

Finalists' Pre-Game Comments

We had a microchat with the finalists before the start of play today - here's their view in brief of the game ahead:

Dinner Break Counts:

Ville Aleksi -- 1,020,000
Alexander Lang -- 350,000
Ola Brandborn -- 835,000
Ville Mattila -- 150,000
Teemu Kangasvieri -- 981,000
Pedro Demeyere -- 660,000

Blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante when we restart.

Dinner Break

Players are now on a 1 hour dinner break.

Brandborn Cripples Mattila

Alexander Lang raised to 40,000 on the button. Brandborn and Mattila called in the blinds.

The three all checked the K♣ 9♠ 6♣ board, before Brandborn bet 55,000 on the 6♥ turn. Mattila called and Lang folded.

The river was the 6diams; and Brandborn quickly fired out 100,000, Mattila shook his head and called. Brandborn showed K♥ K♦ for the second nuts, Mattila mucked and was left with just around 160,000 remaining.

UTG Is the New Black

You'd think so, from the way almost every time Ola Brandborn makes it 40k to go utg this level. He's won more pots from this unorthodox position than he's lost so far today, however, even though the players in position on him (previously Daniel Ferreira, now Teemu Kangsvieri) frequently re-raise him.

Just now exactly that happened - Brandborn made it 40k, Kangsvieri made it 115k - but when it came back to Brandborn, he threw in a further 200k. This was more than half of his remaining stack, so it was probable folding wasn't going to figure highly on his part... Kangsvieri considered for a while but ultimately decided against it and the pot went to Brandborn.

Daniel Ferreira Eliminated In 7th Place (€14,000)

Having been crippled in that previous hand, Daniel Ferreira, who started today as chip leader moved all-in for his last 140,000 from middle position.

Ville Salmi in the big blind asked how much it was before calling with K♣ Q♠, Ferreira showed a behind, but live, 7♥ 5♠.

The board came K♦ Q♥ 4♠ T♣ 5♦ and the Portuguese player goes out in 7th.

Ferreira Setback

Two hands in quick succession have made a dent appear in Daniel Ferreira's stack. The first saw Ola Brandborn raise under the gun (again) to 40k. Ferreira in the cutoff threebet (105k) and Brandborn made the call.

Both players checked the A♦ 5♠ J♥ flop, but Brandborn fired 100k on the 2♣ turn. After a think, Ferreira laid his hand down with a shove of the cards into the muck.


Derreira made it 37k to go (utg), called by Alexander Lang on the button, and Ville Mattila on the big blind. The flop came: 3♦ 5♠ T♦. Mattila checked, and Ferreira bet out 56k. Over to Lang on the button, who double, then triple checked his cards, and, after about two minutes, called. Mattila got out of the way.

The turn: J♠ Now Ferreira checked to Lang, who announced all in, getting an instant, equally vigorous pass from a slightly frustrated-looking Ferreira.

Lang - unknown quantity that he's turning out to be - then showed him A♣ 3♣!

The Finnish Show

It's all about the Finns at the moment, Ville Salmi raised preflop to 39,000 but then folded with a heavy heart with Ville Mattila reraised all-in.

Next hand and Salmi was at it again, 39,000 once more. Teemu Kangasvieri called from the small blind but then check/folded to a 46,000 bet on the J♣ 7♣ 3♣ board.


New Chip Standings:

Seat 1: Ville Salmi - 925,000
Seat 2: Alexander Lang - 342,000
Seat 3: Ola Brandborn - 360,000
Seat 4: Paul Jansen - OUT
Seat 5: Ville Mattila - 320,500
Seat 6: Daniel Ferreira - 380,000
Seat 7: Teemu Kangasvieri - 1,010,000
Seat 8: Pedro Demeyere - 670,000

Teemu Cracks Aces

Teemu Kangasvieri raised preflop to 30,000 and Ville Matilla flat-called from the small blind.

Both players checked the T♠ 7♥ 6♣ flop before Matilla fired out 40,000 on the T♥ turn. Kangasvieri quickly called and then snap-called a bet of 100,000 on the 2♦ river.

Matilla showed A♦ A♥ but he'd been outdrawn by Kangasvieri's Q♦ T♦ which scooped a 300,000 plus pot just before the end of the level. Kangasvieri is our first player over the 1 million chip mark, between him and Ville Salmi the two Finns have almost half the chips in play.

Lang-ing In There

Alexander Lang is one of the less experienced live players, and admits this final table is a great result for him - his first major live one. There's always something tempting about rooting for the underdog, and Lang has been totally honest that he's delighted to be here and just moving up some prize places will be what he's aiming for. So he's a sympathetic character, and a strange mix of target/worry to the pros and big stacks.

On the one hand, Ola Brandborn, for example, has raised his big blind from utg three times already, and his tightness preflop is fairly evident. On the other, he has been winning these small pots, as other players seem reluctant to push him when he shows strength.

For example, Teemu Kangasvieri called a Lang raise to 30k from the small blind, but check-folded the 3-5-7 rainbow flop, while when Brandborn minraised utg, Lang called in the big blind and bet the turn (both players had checked on the flop) - the board reading 7-8-T-T - and Brandborn folded.

So about 100-160k I reckon has been added to Lang's stack in this manner, more than making up for the attrition of the blinds. In floppy fisherman's hat and sunglasses, Lang is giving nothing away (apart from admitted nervousness during an earlier string-bet ruling)!

Payouts To Come...

1st -- €100,000
2nd -- €60,000
3rd -- €40,000
4th -- €31,000
5th -- €24,000
6th -- €18,000
7th -- €14,000
8th -- €11,000 -- Paul Jansen

Paul Jansen Eliminated In 8th Place (€11,000)

Paul Jansen raised to 30,000 from the cutoff and it was passed around to Teemu Kangasvieri in the big blind, the Finn thought long and hard before reraising to 80,000. The onus was back on the Dutchman who recounted his stack for a couple of minutes before quietly declaring he was all-in, Kangasvieri instantly called.

Jansen: A♦ Q♥
Kangasvieri: A♠ K♥

Jansen looked pained even as he turned over his hand, knowing he was behind. The dealer put out a K♣ 2♥ 6♥ flop and already the short stack was drawing thin, by the 9♥ turn he was already standing up, the J♦ river completing his exit.

Jansen shook hands with all the remaining players and even the dealer before heading across to the rail to a round of applause.

Post Brandborn-double Chip Counts

Seat 1: Ville Salmi -930,000
Seat 2: Alexander Lang - 280,000
Seat 3: Ola Brandborn - 430,000
Seat 4: Paul Jansen - 330,500
Seat 5: Ville Mattila - 360,500
Seat 6: Daniel Ferreira - 370,000
Seat 7: Teemu Kangasvieri - 535,000
Seat 8: Pedro Demeyere - 760,000

Ville Vs. Ville

Mattila (above) vs. Salmi... Heads up to a 5♦ 7♣ 2♠ flop. There was a bet here, I think from Salmi, on the button, and a call from Mattila - although it's possible he bet out.

In any case, the 6♥ turn saw both players check.

The river was the 5♦. The bet on the river most definitely came from Mattila - 75k. Salmi called after a microthink, and then there was one of those awkward pauses where the bluffing player doesn't want to show but they have to because they've been looked up...

"Please show your hand," gently prompted the dealer. Mattila showed A♥ T&clubs, and Salmi's pocket Queens scooped the pot.

Brandborn Doubles Through Ferreira

With the blinds now 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante, Daniel Ferreira raised to 27,500 from early position. It was passed around to Ola Brandborn in the small blind who reraised all-in for a total of 196,000. Ferreira asked for a count but then called anyway asking, "Ace-King?" as he flipped over Q♦ Q♥ but he was in even better shape than that as the Swede showed A♣ T♣.

The board came T♥ T♠ 4♠ J♠ 4♥ and Brandborn got out of jail by making a full house to double back up over 400,000 while Ferreira lost almost a third of his stack.

Demeyere Wakes Up

Pedro Demeyere has joined the short list of people getting a couple of Teemu Kangasvieri's chips... Having played not much of a whisper of a hand in the first level so far, he upped his stack by over 100k like so:

Sb vs. bb again (it's amazing how often these confrontations spiral) Kangasvieri called Demeyere's raise pre, and then his bet of 36k on the Q♠ 7♣ A♥.

The turn: K♥ Again Kangasvieri check-called, this time 66k.

The river: 3♠ Now a third check to Demeyere - he bet 82,500, and Kangasvieri gave it up.


Daniel Ferreira might come across as quite a quiet player, thoughtful and reserved, but although he's not in every hand or a limelight hunter he's definitely got an aggressive streak. He's had chips as far back in this tournament as I can remember, and is on the increase.

Just now it folded to Ferreira on the small blind. He made it 24k. Big blind Teemu Kangasvieri slowly reached for more... and made it 61k. Back to Ferreira. A brief visit to the tank later, and he'd raised him once again! A slight frown on Kangasvieri's face was all there was to show that this hadn't gone according to plan, and he passed, the pot going to Ferreira without even a flop.

Chips For Ola And Pedro

More small-ball poker going on at the moment, the number of 3-bets has considerably decreased overe the last half hour.

Ola Brandborn called a 20,000 raise in the big blind from Ville Matilla before both checked the 2♠ 7♣ 6♠ flop. Brandborn then fired 35,000 on the K♥ and Matilla mucked.

Demeyere raised to 21,500 from midposition and got called by Jansen in the big blind, but the Dutchman check/folded to a 23,500 bet on the A♥ 7♦ 4&hearts flop.

Slightly Reorganised Chip Counts

Here are some rough counts after the first 45 mins of the 4k/8k level:

Seat 1: Ville Salmi - 850k
Seat 2: Alexander Lang - 290k
Seat 3: Ola Brandborn - 385k
Seat 4: Paul Jansen - 350k
Seat 5: Ville Mattila - 600k
Seat 6: Daniel Ferreira - 585k
Seat 7: Teemu Kangasvieri - 480k
Seat 8: Pedro Demeyere - 590k

Early Action Rundown: Salmi Runs Up

The first half of the first level has seen very few showdowns, but a good shakeup of a couple of the stack sizes. The main increaser is Ville Salmi:

A few hands ago, he called a Teemu Kangasvieri button raise out of the big blind. On the Q♥ 6♠ 6♣ flop, Salmi checked, Kangasvieri bet 33k but was quickly min raised to 66k. He was rewarded with a slow fold.

Then a few hands later a pot which started fourway after everyone seemed interested in calling Daniel Ferreira's preflop raise to 17,500 turned into a bigger coup for Salmi. On the 9♣ 4♣ 7♣ flop, it checked round to the button who happened to be, yes, Ville Salmi. He promptly bet just 20k, called by big blind Ola Brandborn alone.

The turn: J♠ Now Brandborn checked, Salmi bet 45k, and Brandborn instacalled.

The river: K♦ Check once more to Salmi, who bet 100k (4 25k chips) faster than you could blink, which looks to have been called by Brandborn in the same microsecond...

Salmi showed A♣ 3♣ for the flopped nuts, and Brandborn mucked.

Seat 8: Pedro Demeyere -- 597,000

Pedro Demeyere is a 32 year-old former sales manager, who went professional about 2 years ago. Demeyere mainly plays online sit 'n' go's as well as tournaments. He played EPT San Remo earlier this year and also came 7th in the Marrakech Poker Open in March for almost $20,000. Online he has won several large tournaments, the biggest being for around $50,000. The Portuguese was the chip leader at the start of yesterday and starts today in 3rd place.

Seat 7: Teemu Kangasvieri -- 575,000

Teemu Kangasvieri is a 25 year-old from Finland, he's mainly an online tournament player having played poker for about four years. Kangasvieri however still classes himself as an amateur though he has had a couple of good results at the Olympic Hold'em Series in Riga, Latvia in 2008. He starts the final table in 5th place.