Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Demeyere's Poker Car Has 7th Gear

And it's the one that says, "All in," when you press the pedal, or any indicator, or turn the defogger on.

In spite of paying off Ville Salmi on the turn and river when he bet his pair of Kings on a K-8-6-Q-A board a moment ago, Pedro Demeyere has regained what he lost through moves which he can't be re-raised off.

It passed round to Demeyere on the small blind two hands ago, and he simply moved all-in for around 800k. Only two options now for big blind Salmi, call or pass, and he chose pass.

The very next hand Salmi raised on the button to 100k. Kangasvieri passed in the small blind, but big blind Demeyere moved all in again. A pained look, but another fold.


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