Tuesday, 10 November 2009

New Mayor in Town

Pedro 'The Mayor' Demeyer (according to his shirt) is going to be a new force on the table, chipwise, having just received a huge double up courtesy of leader Ville Salmi.

Demeyer called Salmi's button raise and checked the 7♥ K♦ K♣ flop. Salmi counted out 101k exactly and bet it. Demeyer called.

The turn: 2♦ Check to Salmi again. Salmi asked for a count on Demeyer (approx 640k), and had the pot spread. Whatever calculations he was doing, it resulted in a move all in! Demeyer instacalled.

Demeyer: K♠ J♣
Salmi: 7♦ 4♥

Drawing dead, the 6 river was irrelevant to Salmi, who had to pay off a huge chunk of change, boosting Demeyer up over the 1.6 million mark.


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