Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chip Merry-Go-Round

Pedro Demeyere makes it 88,000 from the button and Teemu Kangasvieri calls from the big blind. Both check the K♣ K♥ 3♦ flop before the Finn fires out 125,000 on the J♥ turn. Demeyere folds, albeit reluctantly...

Ville Salmi raises to 91,000 from the button but folds when Kangasvieri reraises to 240,000 in the small blind.

Salmi raises to 91,000 in the small blind and Kangasvieri calls.

The flop comes K♥ 6♣ T♥ and Salmi check-calls a bet of 130,000 before the J♦ turn and J♥ river go check-check. Salmi shows the less-than-stellar 6♦ 2♦ but it's enough to scoop the pot.


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