Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pedro Demeyere Eliminated in 3rd Place (€40,000)

The final remaining Portuguese player in the tournament has been eliminated in 3rd position after a valiant battle against the two Finns. His totally calm demeanor at all times showed his relative experience and lack of tension as the final progressed, although he did seem genuinely happy to have made it this deep. Plus, he got it in racing for a stack which could really have tackled leader Salmi, too:

Ville Salmi folded on the button, and Teemu Kangasvieri took his turn to shove pre on the small blind. This time, however, Demeyere quickly made the call.

Demeyere: 6♣ 6♠
Kangasvieri: A♠ 8♠

Flop: T♥ 7♥ J♦ No shocks there for Demeyere's supporters...
Turn: 3&spades
River: 9♦ Kangasvieri's Finnish rail immediately spot that an Eight now makes a straight and there's a little explosion of cheering for the young player who now has to play heads up for the trophy. Demeyere looks understandably a little disappointed, but has €40k and a very respectable third place to cheer him up.


Anonymous Pokerpiu said...

A litle bit of soft play by the finns when they were 3 handed imo . But gg Pedro . A very profrssional posture and consistentely making the right decisions .

It always the damn river .

GG Pedro

11 November 2009 at 00:03  

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