Sunday, 15 February 2009

Penultimate Chip Count

We're fifteen minutes into what will be the final level of the day. As expected, play has pretty much ground to a halt with a lot of tired faces at the table. It appears as though players are content to just try and survive until the end of the day.

These were the chip counts from the last break:

Yngve Steen 580,000
Merianda Füllenbach 445000
Kristian Aksnes 366000
Helder Rodrigues 365000
Gabor Zsamosi 310000
André Santos 300000
Stefan Kostner 300000
Filipe Monteiro 279500
Timo Laurila 277000
Johan Abramsson 229000
Nuno Coelho 215000
Kristian Tolvhed 205000
Mikal Blomlie 200000
Pavel Novak 180000
Petra Anderssen 160000
Lasse Lien 150000
André Aguilar 135000
Acacio Rocha 115000
Jimmy Sidén 95000
Göran Larsson 78000
Henri Kettunen 75000


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