Saturday, 7 November 2009

Make Sure You Double Check

Check-tastic threeway action now after a mid position limp and button raise to 1,500 from Tor Arne Skjervagen (I think). The big blind called too. All three players checked the K♦ 6♦ Q♠ flop. Likewise the K♥ turn, and the third K♣ river too. Flip went the big blind's J♠ J♥ and 3k+ went his way without any actual poker fisticuffs post flop.

Elsewhere some checking brought another interesting river, after Jaroszaw Grabek made it 1k straight to go preflop, picking up only button Bo Michael Tonning. He led for 600 on the K-J-Q rainbow flop, which was quickly called. Then check-check for the T turn. The A river brought Broadway for them both, a check from Grabek and a sort of semi-nonchalant all-in from Tonning. You never know though - it took more than the split second the table probably expected for the call to come for the split pot - and everyone exhaled and play continued.


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