Sunday, 8 November 2009

Markus Garberg Rises and Falls Like Cannonball Shot Straight Up

Olive green hoodied Markus Garberg just doubled through off Daniel Årman moving in preflop after the agressive Årman 3bet him with Q-K suited. Garberg got a call, held A-9, and it held all the way to the river, giving him an above-average stack once more.

Unfortunately, it was only to last one hand. Ville Salmi raised to 5,100 preflop, and Garberg then made it 13,800. Back to Salmi, who counted out some chips, then sort of held his breath for a moment, and when he exhaled, it was to say, "All in." Garberg instacalled, showing J♠ J♥, but wasn't happy to see Salmi's K♥ K♣! The Kings held and suddenly Garberg has to leave for the rail he was happily talking to just moments earlier. Cruel game, poker.


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