Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Torgensen Doubles Through Arneodo - Twice!

Amazingly, two hands in a row, Julien Arneodo gave most of his newly promising stack to Steffen Torgensen, very much disappointing his fans, but delighting Steffen's (in a quieter way).

The first time, he called Torgensen's all in with pocket Fours, but Torgensen's K-8 off hit an eight on the flop and stayed good. Stacks after this: J.A. 120k, S.T. 70k.

The very next hand, Arneodo moved in preflop in late position, but was snapcalled by Torgensen who'd picked up K♣ K♠ and proceeded to spike a third King on the flop, thoroughly beating Arneodo's A♠ Q♥.


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