Sunday, 15 February 2009

Running Out Of Steen...Yngve Steen Eliminated In 7th Place (€18,980)

Having been knocked down by losing that pot to Aknes. Steen began looking for spots and pushed three hands in a row, the first two times he picked up the blinds and antes but the third time he moved in from UTG with 8♦ 8♣ only for Henri Kettunen to make the call in the small blind with Q♥ Q♣

The flop was a clinical 9♠ Q♠ 9♦ meaning that Steen needed running Eights to win or running Nines for a split. But inevitably, this didn't happen with the board finishing out K♦ and 6♥

Current chip leader at the start of the day, Yngve is a high school student currently living in Bergen, Norway. He loves to play poker during his spare time, predominantly online tournaments and cash games where he dabbles in both Omaha and no limit Hold'em. At just 18 years of age, he doesn't have too many claims to fame, but can boast a cash in a recent Asian Poker Tour event where he took home approximately $6,000. A strong, confident player, Yngve says he'll be very disappointed if he doesn't go on to win the €113,900 first prize.


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