Sunday, 15 February 2009

When Harry Met Nuno

Nuno Canossa has doubled through in dramatic fashion. With his friends watching eagerly from the rail, Canossa found his tournament life on the line with Kc-Tc versus the Qh-6c of Marcus Vretling Pistelli.

"The six always seems to come on this table," commented Merianda F├╝llenbach as the first card out was a 6d. But raised eyebrows were soon pursued by a chorus of "ooooohs" as an 8c and Qc completed the flop to give the Portugese a flush draw.

A 9c saw fists punch the air, and by the 2d river it was party time, Canossa yelping "Yes! Yes! Yes!" as if emulating that iconic scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'.


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