Monday, 9 November 2009

Cappelen So Deep In Tank She Needs Oxygen Canisters

Gravity-defying hairstyled Jukka Salmela just won a pot from Susanne Cappelen, but it took him 10 minutes of waiting when all-in to do so...

He raised preflop to 9,300 - which bet Cappelen called on the button (while on the phone - it looks like the 'no phones in hands' rule isn't big in Portugal).

The flop: 2♥ 6♥ 2♣

Salmela bet out 15,300. Cappelen (now off the phone) raised another 25k. "How much are you playing?" came one of poker's stock responses. She told him she had about 67k (it looked like he just had her covered, but it was close). "All in," he said.

There followed literally 10 minutes of thinking time, during which Susanne Cappelen went through a variety of different chip tricks and frowns (see below). "How high is your pocket?" she mused, before saying, "I have this feeling you have Jacks."

Even so, she couldn't quite bring herself to pass, and eventually the clock was called, and one minute later her hand declared dead.


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