Monday, 9 November 2009

First of Many Cries of 'VAMOS!' as Dattani Eliminates Tuhkanen

While Steffen Torgersen is now probably pipping the chip leaderboard with 330k, and making life difficult for his table, it's his neighbour Michele Dattani (pictured who just busted Juha Tuhkanen to add nearly 100k to his own stack.

Tuhkanen raised to 9,600 on the button. Torgersen in the small blind peskily upped it to 24,500. Unexpectedly, Dattani then moved all in on the big blind for over 100k. Back to Tuhkanen.

"Do you want me to call?" he asked, while Dattani just smiled and shrugged. He thought for a while, before moving his whole stack in, covered by a short ways. The time he took to call was perhaps surprising, as he held Q♥ Q♠, up against Dattani's A♠ K♠.

But the young Portuguese player races well, it appears, spiking a King on the turn to win the hand, and crawl back up the chip standings he'd slipped down somewhat.

So "VAMOS!" go the supporters of Dattani, and he shows the crowd some love...


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