Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kangasvieri Nice Try

Another of the chip leaders, Teemo Kangasvieri, just took a knock, in what seems to be a bit of a topple-the-giants theme early on Day Two at Betsson LIVE.

Small blind to Didrik Mantor's big blind, they'd got all the way to the river which had brought the board standing T-A-7...A...9 with the river also bringing three spades. Into the 7k pot, Kangasvieri bet 6,500, which was called fairly quickly by Mantor with 9-7. He expressionlessly turned over his J-2 when he was called, conceding the pot in a way which sort of gave the impression of someone whose fingers are calloused from being caught in the cookie jar fairly regularly. Just an impression, though.


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