Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mario Whirled

The last half of the last level of the day has seen a frenzy of activity, with short stacks shoving and big stacks calling and everyone, seemingly, becoming less shy of Getting It In. Probably my drawn-out-drama-hand of the day is this one, though:

A flop was down. It was 7♠ 7♦ 6♠. It was staring up at Andre Tochmann, who'd just check-raised all in, it looked like, for around 10k or so more, and also at Mario Rebeiro, who was considering calling, out of a stack which wasn't exactly towering itself.

Finall, Rebeiro said quietly, "I call," and flipped his hand - J♣ J♠
Tochmann table-tapped, showing T♦ T♥.

Then the dealer put down the deck and started moving the pot to Tochmann. To be fair, it's getting late, Rebeiro didn't exactly yell and the room is still heaving with people. The players, to their credit, didn't say anything apart from, "He called," and calmly waited for the turn and river to be dealt. Tochmann took this with such good grace, that it almost seemed a reward (albeit a horribly cruel one for Rebeiro) when he spiked his 2-outer: the T♠ on the river!

Rebeira looked absolutely shocked, while Tochmann doubles to around 30k.


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