Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dropping Like Flies

Immediately after that previous elimination, two hands in a row saw off players on neighbouring tables! The Redbull intake must have reached crisis point among the players as they're leaping for double-up-or-bust glory all over the shop.

So first up was Agnieschka Jaguszewski, who shipped it unceremoniously under the gun for 7,725 precisely. It folded halfway round the table, before the gent in seat 5 gave it a good long dwell, and made the call. More folding - it turned out when it came to showdown that she'd given it a spin with A♠ 3♥ while he'd made the call with a low pair: 5♠ 5♦.

Another draw materialised for Jaguszewski on a J-7-K all-heart flop, but no more hearts means another player down - and one of the bigger names in poker, no less.

On the very next table it was Santo Abate racing his suited A-K against Thomas Floan's J-J to no avail. 164 players remaining, and falling...


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