Saturday, 7 November 2009

Gerharder The Come Gerharder They Fall

Gerhard Reimholz just avoided losing chunks, limited to losing a single chunk, after a strange blind on blind hand with his neighbour. In the small blind, Reimholz was the bettor-out twice in a row, the first time 500 on a Q♥ 3♠ 7♣ flop.

"I have to call," was the big blind's reply.

The exact same scenario for the 7♠ turn.

But the 8♣ river was pretty interesting. A bigger bet from Reimholz saw his opponent changing tune like a betting mynah bird to "I now have to raise!". Instacall.

Reimholz' eyebrows went right up as he saw the cruel A-7 in his opponent's hand, his own trips with T-7 pipped, and lucky not to have lost an even bigger pot. He did allow himself a brief, "So Sick!" though.


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