Saturday, 7 November 2009

No Lasse Longer

Lasse Lien, travelling ebullient Norwegian, is no longer in the tournament. Busto, he's top of the list for all of the sit'n'gos but looks despondent that no one wants to play the €100/€200 levels, but only the €50 is filling up.

"You know most people here satellited in," he notes, "Well, I am in for €1,500, plus flights, plus hotel. I was telling myself - I win €10k, that's my buyin for the EPT side events. I win €20k, that's the Main Event. But now the size of the side events are such that I can't possibly win."

Never one to stop smiling in the face of adversity, financial or otherwise, Lasse is gamely continuing with the sitngos, and if he multitables might make it yet.


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