Monday, 9 November 2009

Pereira's Fingernails Stronger than He Thought

We had a chat to Nelson Pereira during the dinner break, and found him a realist when it comes to how he viewed his chances with under 30k upon returning. He said they weren't great, but had to admit that as even in tournaments, "Two doubles, then maybe..." The softly-spoken local player with recognisably colourful diamonte hat has held on with fingernails of what must be steel to his tiny stack, but having made it into the top twenty, is pleased with his achievement, and aware that the only option left to him was to shove and hope...

It's worked out pretty well, though - I saw Ola Brandborn call his small blind shove with A-7 of hearts with the dominated Q-7 of spades (he'd raised on the button and Pereira's reraise was nominal). That held - so up to 50k.

Two or three hands later, and Pereira shoved under the gun for his newfound 50k. He picked up a caller in Steffen Torgersen, who showed another dominated hand: A♠ Q♥ to Pereira's A♥ K♦. A King on the flop, and a safe turn and river and Pereira is up to the dizzy stack of 100k! (OK still half average, but tenacity is paying off).

Pictured: Big stack Torgersen, meditating being outkicked.


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