Monday, 9 November 2009

Salmela's Ladies Do Him No Favours

Michele Dattani has scored a massive double up to over 400k! In an interesting hand which saw both players flat call at different stages with hands they were both probably sure were ahead, a giant pot has near-stacked Jukka Salmela.

Preflop: Button Dattani raised, called out onf the blinds by Salmela.

The flop: J♦ 3spades; 6♣ Slowly, Salmela led out for 30k. Calm call from Dattani.

The turn: T♣ Salmela checked on his opponent's stack, found out he'd had 200k at the start of the hand. "All in," he said, but immediately winced when Dattani immediately called.

Dattani had A♠ A♥ vs. Salmela's Q♦ Q♣

The river was a harmless K♠ and we may have a new chip leader...


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