Saturday, 7 November 2009

Betsson Estoril LIVE Set To Commence

Hello and welcome to Casino Estoril, where in just under an hour all the action which can be generated by over 300 poker players betting, raising, chip-twiddling, stacking and being stacked for 12 hours will be recorded as it happens here on the Betsson Estoril LIVE blog!

Players from 18 countries are starting to convene in the Players’ Lounge, peeking into the stunning starlit-effect tournament area into which they are, as yet, forbidden entrance. At least they have a Wii to keep them entertained (and a bar) during the registration period… With players still arriving and buying-in directly, we won’t know exact numbers until after 3pm, but judging from last night’s Welcome Party it’s going to be a busy affair. Players arriving in Estoril, which has more than a touch of Resort about it, were treated to a live band, snacks, drinks, and a unique drumming show before dispersing to the variety of lovely hotels encircling this, one of, if not the largest casino in Europe.

Inspiring Ian Fleming's Casino Royale (he stayed not far from here when in town) Casino Estoril is big enough to cope with the interest Betsson Live has generated, and provides a glamorous backdrop for the game. With the action kicking off last night with a sell-out €100 shoot-out tournament for those who couldn't wait for Saturday, it appears they're chomping at the bit for some live tournament action, and judging from last year's event, they won't be disappointed.

Expect cards in the air in just under one hour, 3pm...


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