Monday, 9 November 2009

Le Flop - C'est Magnifique!

But rather, that's the finishing position for last year's winner and this year's high flyer Kristian Aksnes. A valiant couple of shortstack doubleups gave him what looked like a shot at heading deep once more, but it was Frenchman Julien Arneodo who sent him packing just outside the money.

Arneodo had moved in preflop in early position, and Aksnes called all in later on - not surprising as he went on to flip pocket Kings with a flourish. He was in good shape against Arneodo's A-Q of Spades - until the A♣ popped out on the flop, along with a couple of spades to further bury Aksnes' previously superior hand.

As the stacks were counted and the Norwegian officially eliminated, a small but excited French rail went, "Allez! Allez! Allez!" while Arneodo commented, quite rightly from his point of view, "Le flop - C'est magnifique!"


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